Livigno, Italy

i love europe

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Season 1213

i bought a gopro and this is what it shot of me,
some split up footage from this season.
contains footage from Laax and Åre, not to good not to bad, thank you filmers.

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last days

foolin around in the place to be… red yellow green

take it di pon

as for the last trick of the season i went for a 50/50

except that the afterski was mad and we created a gap over a sign and we flipped it. FUN.


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Åre Update

Some B side footage from our trip to Åre, Sweden.

We had a great time and we met Skiboss aka Tanner Hall, had some good shred. And of course some beer!


- Oliver

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Whats up T?

Oliver captured a shot of tanner performing a d-spin niner with blunt!

Skiboss havin a good time here in sweden, and we are too.
Couple of prints from our skiing today! (click for fullsize)


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going to åre

howdy, we’re about to do some spring slush in Åre in a week or so,

Last year was a blast, so much fun, really hope its gonna be the same conditions.
This is how it looked like in 2012


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Litle news update

Hello, we so sorry for not beeing updated for a while. Thing is that we havent had any chance to shoot any urban skiing and we feel like its not worth to put time to shoot in our local ski hill.

And yeah what we are doing right now are laping our park and just try to have fun.

Some good news are that we planing on a spring time edit that may drop in the end of this season!!!


- Oliver

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Sidelake laps

Went to Sidelake to hit some rails and have a good time skiing.

Filmed by: Victor

- Oliver

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sickest pow-day of my life


Snow has been dumpin, and I just got home from mad powder skiing! me and my roommate decided to go for some treeskiing, it ended up being super foggy at the top so we split up and i went for the trees, found the sickest of lines, kneedeep, untracked powder and HUGE pillows!
It was really just 2 or 3 tracks nearby, and i was gone in the woods skiing the skickest pillow tree lines i’ve ever done with reggae in my ears!

the line actually took me half an hour!  (click and zoom) ((ski area is HUGE))

When i got down i went for a beer with Chad and joined the other jibbers on the staircase, and they told me due to wildlife youre strictly forbidden to go far away from the groomers,  else they’d charge you upto 800$ and rip the skipass! – haha why man???

they’ve got such badass skiing here, they have no idea..!

Slow, wide turns!

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Regards from Laax

Having an awesome time in swiss,
couple of snapshots from my camera, (click to maximize)  this is actually the only 3 laps i got filmed today, been skiing non-stop! there’s just so much things to do here, the views are humongous, swiss people are nice and skiing is top-notch. hope to shred some more powder tomorrow, very easy accesible to do powder skiing in Laax!



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